tijuana_borderTraveling to Mexico is easier than you probably think. Most of our patients have trepidation about traveling abroad. Yet, most of our patients confess that the whole process was easier than they thought.

Patients will start the trip by flying into the San Diego International airport. Once there, our driver will pick up at the airport (at the United States side), then transport you across the border.

Undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico is quite easy with our all-inclusive packages. We will pick you up at the San Diego airport and drive you to our Hospital and Hotel. View Passport Requirements.

Tijuana Mexico is a well-traveled weight loss destination in Mexico. Tijuana is the most popular choice for United States medical tourists and with good reason. Tijuana is just minutes from San Diego, and has some of the most prestigious hospitals in Mexico.

Tijuana also has qualified weight loss surgeons, surgeons like Dr. Ramos Kelly who have been educated in the United States and been a working surgeon for years. To learn more about undergoing bariatric surgery, please contact our staff.

Mexico Travel Information

11246034_1002501183100827_227081276008161854_nVictorBelow is how Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC) patient travels to Mexico to undergo weight loss surgery. Most of patients will be arrive at the San Diego International Airport, unless you live in the Southern California area.

Our bi-lingual driver, Victor, will pick you up at the airport to transport you to our hotel and hospital facility.

Once your procedure is finished and we’ve finalized your journey, our driver will transport from your recuperating hotel stay back over the border to San Diego International Airport.

During your stay in Mexico our patient advocate, Karla, will help you at every step of your journey. Your patient advocate will be your go-to person for all your concerns, questions, help and travel information.

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