Dr. Ismael Cabrera Photos and Videos

Dr Ismael Cabrera Atlanta Georgia Bariatric Seminar - Mexico Bariatric Center
Dr. Cabrera is known for Mexico Bariatric Center’s informational weight loss surgery webinars & seminars, informational videos, and relationships with his patients. As one of the first board-certified surgeons in Tijuana, Dr. Cabrera has risen to the top of the industry for his skill and expertise.

Dr. Ismael Cabrera’s Picture Gallery:

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Dr. Ismael Cabrera Videos

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia is talking bout his education, career, and exclusive surgeries with Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC).
The confident, caring, and cooperative doctor communicates about his experience.
The scholarly doctor explains the preferred patients for gastric bypass.

Dr. Ismael Cabrera’s Videos Performing Weight Loss Surgery

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