[success_box]Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia clears up the doubts about eligible lap band surgery patients:
He personally considers the patients for lap band surgery, those who have 30 or more BMI with a complaint of diabetes. He features this as a minimum risk surgery and very easy to operate.[/success_box]

Ismael Cabrera, MD, can perform the gastric band procedure laparoscopically with his surgical partner Louisiana Valenzuela, MD.

Gastric Banding Surgery

Gastric banding surgery is more commonly known as the Lap-Band system, a specific brand of implants used in the surgery. Only one other brand, the REALIZE system, is FDA approved for weight loss surgery.

Gastric band surgery uses the restrictive technique to achieve weight loss. The restrictive technique is accomplished by placing an implant around the upper part of a patient’s stomach. This restriction on the stomach creates a smaller capacity of the stomach which will produce smaller caloric intake.

Is Gastric Banding Still Relevant?

More and more weight loss surgeons, including Dr. Ismeal Cabrera are urging patients not to undergo gastric banding surgery. Many patients will eventually have to remove the gastric banding surgery because of some sort of complication. Some patients will develop complications even after the removal of the Lap-Band for instance acid reflex disease complications.

More surgeon are recommend the gastric sleeve surgery. While there is obvious financial incentive, that of which not having to get the band removed, gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can provide just as much expected weight loss with less hassle, and comes with less complications. To learn more please contact our helpful staff to learn the difference between the surgeries.

Gastric Banding in Mexico

Undergoing gastric banding, or Lap-Band, in Mexico is a smart choice for patients looking for quality healthcare at an inexpensive price.  Most Medical Tourism companies offer gastric banding for significantly less, but we offer a team of talented bariatric surgeons at an affordable price. Dr. Ismael Cabrera along with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela can perform the surgery expertly. Watch weight loss surgery testimonials.

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