Dr. Ismael Cabrera is scheduled for upcoming seminar in Oklahoma.

Two locations: Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Date: February 27th, 28th 2016
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
At the event, Mexico Bariatric Center will be giving away one free gastric sleeve surgery. Register for this event today so you don’t miss this great event!

Below you’ll see the latest winner of the Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Past Bariatric Seminars:

Dr. Ismael Cabrera has hosted two seminars with Mexico Bariatric Center, in Houston, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. Cabrera is committed to his patients, so if you’ve previously undergone weight loss surgery with Dr. Ismael Cabrera or Mexico Bariatric Center, stop by, we’d love to see you.

  • Houston, Texas – January 1st 2015 – With the help of Mexico Bariatric Center, Dr. Ismael Cabrera gave away one free gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana – June 27th 2015 – Another event, were we gave away a free gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Seattle, Washington – Oct. 10, 2015 – Another successful seminar of MBC with Dr. Cabrera and Ron Elli, Ph.D. The winner of this free gastric sleeve surgery helped fund another patient to get surgery.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma – Feb 27, 2016 – Dr. Cabrera, Ron Elli, Ph.D. and staff of MBC held this webinar / workshop in Tulsa.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Feb 28, 2016 – Dr. Cabrera, Ron Elli, Ph.D. and staff of MBC held this webinar / workshop in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Photos

Cory Lee

Cory Lee

Cory Lee is the recent winner of our bariatric surgery giveaway – where we gave away a free gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Ismael Cabrera. Dr. Ismael Cabrera spoke at the Baton Rouge Seminar, where Mexico Bariatric Center gave away one free surgery to those who attend.

To learn more about attending bariatric surgery seminars, please visit: https://mexicobariatriccenter.com/seminars/. Learn more and register for our next seminar.

Cory Lee one our free surgery by just attending our Baton Rouge, Louisiana Seminar. Stay up to date, by liking our FaceBook.com Page – then you’ll learn when we’ll come to your city next.

Our plan is to visit several cities per year, our next list of potential cities include Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and cities in Canada.

Mexico Bariatric Center is one of the only companies in Mexico that offers our patients chances to win weight loss surgery! We encourage you to contact our sales coordinators today to learn more about us and Dr. Ismael Cabrera.

Watch the Testimonial Here:

Watch testimonials of two patients that won the drawing for FREE gastric sleeve:

Cory is the winner of the Free gastric sleeve

Paul Moses is the winner of the Free gastric sleeve in Seattle, WA