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Day: February 27, 2015

Ethnicity Impacts Results for Gastric Bypass Patients; Hispanic Pateints Lose the Most

A study performed at Kaiser Permanente on different ethnicities who undergo gastric bypass looks at how much certain ethnicities lose, in comparison to others. The study was published in the Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases Journal and found that non-Hispanic white patients were losing more than those who Hispanic or of African American descent. The study looked at patients of the same BMI and getting the same weight loss procedure. Continue reading

Bone Destiny Loss Could Persist for Over 2 years after Bariatric Surgery

In Chicago, Illinois a study’s findings show that even two years after weight loss surgery, patients are still dealing with bone loss density, even after they are done losing weight. The findings of this study appeared at the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society meeting in 2014. It included results of the two-year study that looked at the bone density loss of patients immediately after bariatric surgery, and how much the density was two years later when their weight was stabilized. Continue reading

Pulse Pressure Variation Alternative without A-Line Invasiveness

Anesthesiologists like to be aware of the intraoperative pulse pressure variation or PPV for a patient, but there is a cost involved in this knowledge which comes in the form of how invasive the arterial line or A-line is. It is beneficial to note, then, that there are current technological innovations which are drastically changing this landscape, and from this technological improvement comes a device which is significantly less invasive for patients who are morbidly obese. Continue reading