Dr. Ismael Cabrera - Bariatric Surgeon Mexico

Dr. Ismael Cabrera is a Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeon operating weight-loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. He has had training in top hospitals and universities in the U.S. as well as Mexico. Currently, Dr. Cabrera is performing surgery with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela as an assistant surgeon.

Dr. Cabrera is also known for doing informational seminars, related to medical tourism and bariatric surgery, with Mexico Bariatric Center in the United States and Canada, see his upcoming seminar schedule here.

Mexico Bariatric Center is Different

Mexico Bariatric Center knows there are many choices for individuals seeking medical tourism today, but we are different. Find out why MBC is different from other companies.

We are Committed to Success
Our bariatric center is committed to your weight loss success, with aftercare nutrition and support. Our entire staff mission is for you to achieve the best results with bariatric possible. Dr. Ismael Cabrera is committed to riding your obesity via stomach surgery. Dr. Cabrera is very committed to your success, contact us today to learn more.

Success Stories: Mexico Bariatric Center

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